Frequently Asked Questions

We are a solar distribution and clean energy firm. We provide our clients with the latest technology to enhance their daily lives.

About the Device

How do I use this device?

This device can be used with your existing mobile Usb lead, just plug into your phone and plug into the device and let the sun do its job.

How long can this device last for once fully charged?

This device can last between 8 – 10hrs once fully charged and charge any small device, such as Mobile, PDA, IPad, Tablet. etc

Payment & Shipping

How many of these devices can I purchase?

There is no limit to your purchase

How long for shipping?

Normally 1 week but depending on quantity and location, freight can be arranged which would take between 2-3 days

Can this product be shipped internationally?

Yes this product can be shipped internationally

Can I be a sole distributor for this device?

This would have to be discussed with the directors of the company


Is there a guarantee on this device?

Yes this device has a 1 year warranty and will only be replaced if a natural fault has occurred and not by user fault.

Has this device been tested?

This device has been extensively tested and meets all requirements and needs of the user

Who shall I contact if I have any problems?

There are two agents to contact on our contact page if you have any problems

Have any questions we didn't answer?

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