About Us

The name 'SolarFos' was derived from a combination of the word 'Solar' to reflect the type of energy device and 'Fos' from the Greek word 'light', thus creating the name solar light.


Our Advantage

Our trading relationships with major Solar manufacturers in Asia together with our technical experience give us advantages in the distribution market which we are able to pass on to our customers. Our buying power means better pricing and product availability. This together with our business processes, guarantees current and future stock availability and enables our customers to plan installations to meet their needs and expectations. Our technical expertise, design tools and Installation manual, not only enable our customers to install systems with confidence, but gain mass energy use from our products for the whole house and appliances.

SolarFos was formed in 2015 as a value added distributor and installer of renewable energy technologies. These technologies have included Solar Panels, Tesla Home batteries, and Communication chargers. Since October 2015, we have concentrated on the distribution of Solar Home Batteries and providing value added services to MCS Certified Installers.

Our key objective is to build up a strong track record in the solar home energy product distribution field, including technical innovation to houses and business all over Africa.

Our experts in solar energy and their experience are being harnessed to create a progressive enterprise that will continue to deliver a reliable source of sustainable clean energy within the African market. The powerful combination of entrepreneurial flair, commercial experience and the application of forward-thinking technology drives our business.

We also provide solar chargers to Africa and the Caribbean Islands to power various small appliances such as: Mobile devices, IPads, PDS’s and other small appliances. The benefit of using our product is that you don’t even need to purchase extra components, as the USB cable which comes with your mobile device is compatible with our product. All you have to do is plug in and leave your device to charge while you’re on the move. This can be stuck to a window or left on a table while having a drink.

At SolarFos, we are committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Our aim is to provide African and Caribbean countries with access to free electricity by using or Solar products. With experienced staff from various backgrounds, such as Technology, Marketing and Financial, we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with a hassle free service.

Business Principles

SolarFos conducts its business in an honest manner with fairness and integrity. SolarFos's commitment is to:


To win and retain customers by providing quality and value for money with minimal environmental impact.

Business Partners

Seek and develop mutually beneficial relationships whilst promoting these business principles.


Respect individuals and their human rights, provide a safe working environment and competitive employment package. Promote best working practices and recognise individual achievement.


To protect our shareholders’ investment, and provide an acceptable rate of return.


Conduct business in a responsible way. Respect human rights and the environment whilst promoting sustainable development.

In this fast-moving market, we offer installers the best products at competitive prices, delivered quickly and efficiently

We invest in providing technical support, seminars and other value-added services in order to appease the customer experience

Company Culture

As a leading distributor of solar energy products from home batteries and power packs to power wall batteries, we hold and obtain extensive stock from the leading manufacturers and constantly review prices to ensure great value for money.

Our promise

Insights & Inspiration



SolarFos offers the best products at competitive prices, delivered quickly and efficiently.

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